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“Is Occupy Wall Street Outperforming the Red Cross in Hurricane Relief?”


Slate just published the piece “Is Occupy Wall Street Outperforming the Red Cross in Hurricane Relief?”

See #OccupySandy

Gottesdiener is author of A Dream Foreclosed: The Fight for a Place to Call Home forthcoming from Zuccotti Park Press. She just wrote the piece “After Sandy, Communities Mobilize a New Kind of Disaster Relief.”

Featured on Democracy Now this morning, Premo is an organizer with Occupy Sandy.

Schneider is editor of the website Waging Nonviolence.

Jaffe just wrote the piece “Power to the People.”

PETER RUGH [email]
Rugh has been writing for Waging Nonviolence. He said today: “Since the storm, thousands of volunteers have stepped up to provide food, water, blankets, medicine, medical treatment, housing and comfort to New Yorkers where basic social infrastructure has collapsed. Many of those hardest hit by Sandy are those who have already been hit by the financial crisis and the crisis of poverty, racism and unemployment inherent in the system itself. Occupy Sandy’s emergency relief efforts are just that, attempts to ease the suffering of those in an emergency that has been inflicted upon by a system that values profit over planet and people. To end the crisis that is the rule of the 1%, the Sandy of everyday life, a social and economic transformation that democratically enables the 99% is necessary. Occupy Sandy exemplifies the highest virtue of the Occupy Wall Street movement; solidarity.”

Rugh wrote the piece “Building an Environmental Movement as Radical as Reality Itself”