News Release

Israel: “Apartheid Vote”


REBECCA VILKOMERSON, rebecca at, @jvplive

Available for a limited number of interviews, Vilkomerson is the executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace.

See Vilkomerson’s tweet thread from this morning: “A few initial thoughts on the Israeli election: 1) this was an apartheid vote with an apartheid outcome. Any conversation about the election needs to include the context of millions of Palestinians who have no vote over who rules them;

“2) though one thing you can say about Netanyahu is that the guy is good at hanging on to power, it seems his era may finally be over. He is either greatly weakened or done;

“3) The Zionist Left (or so-called Left) has extremely minimal appeal to the Israeli public and has no political power;

“4) The gains of the Joint List are good news and show that a stand for full civil and political rights have more vibrancy and appeal than an attempt to square the circle of moderate Zionism;

“5) it is hard to imagine a scenario where the Joint List enters a coalition government. If it happens, it would be groundbreaking. Assuming it doesn’t, it is a reminder of the status quo racist custom that Palestinian parties are not allowed in ruling governments;

“6) And it gives the Joint List some clout/opportunities as leader of the opposition;

“7) While Netanyahu not being around is a pleasant prospect, Cahol Lavan [Blue and White] must be understood as a rightwing party with less corruption issues. It will be easy for people less deeply steeped in it all to feel complacent/less urgent if there is a less belligerent face on the government;

“8) And for those of us outside of Israel, who have gotten [accustomed] over 10 years to the Netanyahu playbook, it will necessitate some strategic adjustments about how to organize and talk to continue building the global movement for full freedom for all.”