News Release

Israel “Denying Water to Millions”


Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch is executive director of the Middle East Children’s Alliance, which just released a statement that begins: “Israel is deliberately denying 2.3 million Palestinians — half of them children — from accessing safe, clean water. This will have dire consequences on their health. Many of our staff and volunteers in Gaza report that they have run out of water.

“MECA has worked for 14 years to build water purification units throughout the Gaza Strip that provide safe, clean water to more than 100,000 children through our Maia Project. But with Israel’s attacks on water infrastructure and cutting off electricity, many of these units can’t operate.

“We are terrified and outraged that there’s no meaningful action to ensure children in Gaza are safe in their homes and have enough water to survive.” MECA’s statement links to a recent report from the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Cluster in Palestine.