News Release

Israel Lobby Helped Shontel Brown Defeat Nina Turner


Brown just wrote the piece “Israel lobby helps Shontel Brown defeat Nina Turner” for the Electronic Intifada.

Kirk A. Bado notes that Democratic Majority for Israel “has spent more opposing Nina Turner than nearly all other outside spending combined.”

Brown notes that in March Shontel Brown “tweeted her thanks to the pro-Israel organization for its endorsement, noting that ‘the US and Israel have a solid and unbreakable bond with shared democratic values and common interests.’ …

“Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem and Human Rights Watch have stated this year that Israel commits the crime of apartheid in all the territories it controls.

“Mark Mellman, the CEO of Democratic Majority for Israel, said just before the primary that Turner is an ‘implacable foe of Israel and a potential leader of the anti-Israel movement.’

“His PAC — political action committee — raised well over $1 million for Brown.

“DMFI board member Archie Gottesman received considerable criticism earlier this year when a genocide-promoting tweet of hers calling to ‘burn’ all of Gaza came to light. She retained her board seat with an unconvincing apology.”

See from The Intercept in July by Matthew Cunningham-Cook: “Oil and Gas Heir Funding Super PAC Attacking Nina Turner” which reported that “Samson Energy’s chair has donated $1.25 million to the Democratic Majority for Israel super PAC, which endorsed Turner’s opponent Shontel Brown.”