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Israel Stops Palestinian Freedom Flotilla


Newsweek reports Tuesday: “Boat Carrying Wounded Palestinians Breaks Gaza Blockade, Gets Towed to Israel.” AP reported late last week: “Israel’s supreme court rejects human rights group’s request to declare it unlawful for soldiers to shoot at unarmed civilians.”

LEEN ABUSAID, ASMAA TAYEH, leen.abusaid at, asmaatayeh9 at, [in Gaza] also via PAM BAILEY, pam.palestine at, @WeAreNotNumbers
Abusaid, Tayeh and Bailey are with the group We Are Not Numbers. The group tweeted: “Update on the Al-Hurriyeh (Liberty) boat: Of the 17 passengers, 4 are crew, 2 unemployed students, 2 injured protesters, 2 deaf (seeking treatment), & the rest are ill with cancer/similar serious diseases. The boat was shelled & they are in Ashdod. Call for their safe release!”

Tayeh is an English literature student at Gaza’s Al-Azhar University. She was born in Gaza and lives in a refugee camp called Jabalia in northern Gaza. Leen is a freelance journalist and has B.A. in English and French Literature.

See piece from the group: “Boat from Gaza attempts to break Israeli blockade” that profiles a wounded protester seeking treatment outside of Gaza.

See also statements from Freedom Flotilla Coalition, which “condemns Israel’s brutal act of state piracy in attacking the aptly named Hurriya (Liberty) vessel which attempted to leave the port of Gaza today filled with people needing urgent medical assistance as well as students and crew, as they attempted to peacefully make safe passage to Cyprus.”