News Release

Israel’s Killing of Alareer


Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor reports: “Israeli Strike on Refaat al-Areer Apparently Deliberate.” The Electronic Intifada reports: “Refaat Alareer was assassinated by Israel,” noting that the Gaza-based Palestinian writer Alareer himself wrote: “If I get killed by Israeli bombs or my family is harmed, I blame Bari Weiss @bariweiss and her likes. Many maniacal Israeli soldiers already bombing Gaza take these lies and smears seriously and they act upon them.”

The Electronic Intifada will have a live stream on Alareer at noon ET Monday.

The Israeli +972 Magazine recently published the piece “‘A mass assassination factory’: Inside Israel’s calculated bombing of Gaza.”

RICHARD SILVERSTEIN,, @richards1052       Silverstein writes at Tikun Olam and recently wrote the piece “BREAKING: Israeli Security Cabinet Orders Execution of Palestinian Poet, Because of a Joke,” which pulls together several strands of the story.

Silverstein summarizes: “Israel ordered Refaat Alareer’s assassination after he derided Israeli claim of babies burned in an oven as a hoax. He was right, but died for it.”

Silverstein cites an anonymous Israeli official who claimed: “Because of the joke, the war cabinet decided that Alaeer is an ‘Amalekite,’ and ordered Shabak & IDF to find and kill him.”

His other recent pieces include “Hamas Missile Strikes Israeli ICBM Base,” “U.S. and Israel Jointly Conspired to Ethnically Cleanse Gaza” and “Israeli Claims of Hamas Sexual Assaults Lay Its Credulity on the Line: Rape claims part of anti-Hamas propaganda campaign.”