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Israel’s Liberal Supporters Are Taking Their Denial to a New Level


In “Israel’s liberal supporters speak out against Netanyahu — but they’re still in denial” for Salon, Norman Solomon (executive director of IPA) argues that many Jewish Americans are alarmed by Netanyahu’s coup — but they’re not ready to face the truth about Israel.

Solomon writes: “Israel has been the fruition of a Zionist dream, but at the same time a real-life nightmare for Palestinian people. The occupation of Gaza and the West Bank that began in 1967 has been nothing less than an ongoing, large-scale crime against humanity. Now, early 2023 has brought an unprecedented flood of concern from Israel’s supporters in the United States. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government has made clear its fascistic contempt for Palestinian lives, while even taking steps to curb some rights of Israeli Jews.”

Adelson recently questioned Israeli ambassador Tzipi Hotovely at the Oxford Union in Britain where he is a student. Adelson is currently in the U.S. and is an intern with IPA.

He said today: “The leading human rights organizations have left no room for ambiguity. Israel is carrying out a policy of apartheid against the Palestinians. The question all Americans must now ask themselves is how to put pressure on U.S. lawmakers to make Israeli aid and political protection conditional on implementation of a just peace settlement and on compliance with international law.”

In response to a recent New York Times report that the Biden administration was giving Israel “warnings that the country’s image as the sole democracy in the Middle East was at stake,” journalist Jamal Dajani wrote: “President Biden is worried about Israel’s image … not that it’s been ethnically cleansing Palestinians for decades, not that it’s an apartheid state, not that it’s the only regime to have introduced nuclear weapons to the Middle East… just its image!”