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Kissinger in Norway: Calls for Prosecution


RootsAction has just initiated a petition: “Tell Norway to Arrest Henry Kissinger when he speaks at Nobel Peace Prize forum.” The group states: “Unbelievably, the Nobel Committee has arranged for well-known war mastermind Henry Kissinger to speak as an honored guest at a forum that is part of the Nobel Peace Prize events this year in Oslo.

“Nobel Peace Prize Watch has asked the Norwegian Director of Public Prosecutions to arrest Kissinger.

“Kissinger transmitted President Nixon’s orders for ‘massive’ bombing of Cambodia in 1969, saying, ‘Anything that flies on everything that moves.’ He played a major role in the policies that heavily bombed Vietnam and Laos.

“For fear of being apprehended and tried for a unique record of serious crimes under international law, Kissinger is very careful about where he travels. In 2001 in Paris, Kissinger was served with a summons to appear before a judge the next day, and then immediately checked out of the Ritz Hotel and left the country. The summons was for his role in Operation Condor in the 1970s, a coordinated campaign of murder and torture by the secret police forces of seven South American dictatorships.

“After supporting an assassination in Chile, Kissinger commented: ‘I don’t see why we have to let a country go Marxist just because its people are irresponsible.’

“Kissinger supported violence in Cyprus, Kurdistan, East Timor, India, and elsewhere. Several of Kissinger’s crimes come under treaties that make it mandatory for Norway to prosecute. Kissinger is complicit or a main actor in many violations of the Genocide Convention and of the Geneva Conventions.”

Heffermehl and Magnusson are founding board members of Nobel Nobel Peace Prize Watch. Heffermehl also wrote the book The Nobel Peace Prize: What Nobel Really Wanted.

They have just written a “Request for Summons” [PDF] to Tor-Aksel Busch, the director of public prosecutions in Norway: “The discrepancy between the world of Kissinger and the peace by global disarmament and co-operation, the demilitarized ‘fraternity of nations’ ideas, the Nobel committee was supposed to promote, is so glaring that it defies comment. …We wish to draw your attention to Kissinger´s comprehensive, unparalleled record of serious international crimes and the need for prosecutorial action.”

See also: recent piece in the New Yorker: “Does Henry Kissinger Have a Conscience?” Also see “America Keeps Honoring One of Its Worst Mass Murderers: Henry Kissinger” by Fred Branfman.

Kissinger also recently made news meeting Donald Trump. The Boston Globe reported that in a post-election meeting, Kissinger recommended that Trump “Make peace in Syria as we made it in the former Yugoslavia 20 years ago, by ‘cantonizing’ the country and giving President Bashar al-Assad a one-year ‘off-ramp,’ or exit route.”