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Labor Day Today


Monday is Labor Day. See for upcoming events.

MIKE ELK,  mike.elk at, @MikeElk
Elk is the senior labor reporter at Payday Report and frequently reports on labor actions on the ground. His pieces in the last year include “Wave of Teachers’ Wildcat Strikes Spreads to Oklahoma and Kentucky” for the Guardian. He also wrote “Immigration to Be Central Focus in Arizona’s Teachers Strike.”

He has examined a number of under-reported actions by the Trump administration: “AFGE Says Trump’s Union Busting Aimed at Minority Workers in Federal Government” and “Trump Likely to Drop Google Gender Discrimination Investigation.”

He also wrote “Union Members Picket Washington Post Demanding a Fair Contract from Billionaire Owner Jeff Bezos.” See recent Common Dreams report: “Sanders vs. Amazon Intensifies as Senator Stands With Struggling Workers Against World’s Richest Man,” which quotes Sen. Bernie Sanders: “No one working for a man who earns $260 million a day should be forced to sleep in their car. Yet that is what’s happening at Amazon.”

Elk also recently wrote the piece “Machinist Move to Major N.C. Union Vote — 200 Immigrant Detainees Strike — SEIU Stays Silent On Sexual Misconduct Suit.”

In 2016, he wrote the piece “The Next Step for Organized Labor? People in Prison” for The Nation. See recent IPA news release: “Nationwide Strike to ‘End Prison Slavery.'”