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“Leverage Over the Duopoly” and the Problem with Polling


Husseini is founder of, “a voting strategy that advocates that people vote for their actual preferences by pairing up with someone on the other side of the Democratic-Republican divide. So people can strategically vote for the candidates they most like without fear of helping those they most fear. Instead of effectively cancelling each other out — one for Trump and one for Biden — they can both vote Libertarian or Green or whatever they want.

He just wrote the piece “VotePact Gives You Leverage Over the Duopoly” which states that VotePact “is effectively DIY ranked choice voting, which allows voters to list their preferences 1-2-3. …

“A related problem is polling. Most polls are phrased something like ‘if the election were held today, which of the following would you vote for: Democrat Joe Biden, Republican Donald Trump, Libertarian Jo Jorgensen or Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate.’ But that just echos the voting bind and doesn’t get at voter preference.

“If pollsters cared to measure actual voter preferences, they would ask people to rank candidates 1-2-3, RCV style. Or they could ask: ‘Biden, Trump, Jorgensen and Hawkins are in a four-way tie. You personally are the tie-breaker, the deciding vote. Who do you vote for?’ That would get at actual voter preference.

“But voter preference and control are hindered, including by the Commission on Presidential Debates, a creation of establishment Democrats and Republicans that is sponsoring what should be called a joint televised appearance Thursday night between Trump and Biden. Third party candidates are having their own debate with the group Free and Equal on Saturday.” See his letter ‘The Huge Problem with Polls‘ to Frank Newport of Gallup and the CPD. Husseini is also senior analyst at the Institute for Public Accuracy.