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Major Climate March Sunday; #FloodWallStreet Monday


The New York Times reports: “In a three-story warehouse in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, hundreds of people are working to turn the People’s Climate March planned for Sunday into a visual spectacle. …

“Organizers say it is impossible to predict how many people could show up. But 1,400 ‘partner organizations’ have signed on, ranging from small groups to international coalitions. In addition, students have mobilized marchers at more than 300 college campuses, and more than 2,700 climate events in 158 countries are planned to coincide with the New York march, including rallies in Delhi, Jakarta, London, Melbourne and Rio de Janeiro. In New York, organizers are expecting 496 buses from as far away as Minnesota and Kansas to bring marchers.”

WENONAH HAUTER, RYANNE WATERS, rwaters at, @foodandwater
Hauter is the executive director of Food & Water Watch and just wrote the piece “To Save the Climate, We Need a Ban on Fracking,” which states: “Fracking is an issue that touches on every aspect of our lives — the water we drink, the air we breathe, the health of our communities — and it is also impacting the global climate on which we all depend. With the upcoming People’s Climate March and United Nations Climate Summit in New York City, it is more important than ever that the climate effects of fracking are addressed.” The group recently released the report: “The Urgent Case for a Ban on Fracking.”

STEVE HORN, stevehorn1022 at, @Desmogblog
Horn is editor of Desmogblog, which seeks to “clear the PR pollution that clouds climate science.” Recent postings include a piece on a new documentary available online titled “Disruption.” Some of Horn’s recent pieces include “Labor Day News Dump: FERC Hands Enbridge Permit for Tar Sands by Rail Facility,” “Legal Case: White House Argues Against Considering Climate Change on Energy Projects,” and “Obama Opened Floodgates for Offshore Fracking in Recent Gulf of Mexico Lease.”

RACHEL SMOLKER, rsmolker at
Co-director of Biofuelwatch, Smolker just wrote the piece “After the Climate March, Then What? Flood Wall Street.”

SANDY NURSE, sandra.marie.nurse at
InterOccupy writes: “On Monday, September 22, thousands of people are expected to converge in Battery Park for a demonstration beginning at 9 a.m…. Beginning at around noon, participants will march to the heart of the Financial District and conduct a mass sit-in, risking arrest.

“The [Wall Street] action represents a significant escalation from the People’s Climate March [on Sunday], which is not expected to include civil disobedience. ‘As so many people come to New York to express their concern about climate change, this sit-in is an opportunity to call for an end to the abusive economic systems that enable corporate polluters,’ says Sandy Nurse, an environmental activist based in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. ‘It’s time to stop funding fossil fuels and to hold the institutions fueling this crisis accountable.'” See: #FloodWallStreet.

MICHAEL PREMO, mpremo at
Premo is an activist who was just quoted in Vice: “Climate Change Activists Set to Flood NYC, but Some Doubt the UN’s Approach to the Problem.” He said: “The UN process has been going on for decades without addressing the root cause of the problem. We’re targeting Wall Street because the climate crisis is a direct result of an economy built on the infinite extraction of natural resources and exploitation of people. But that’s not sustainable.”