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Military Spending: * Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Scandal * Backing Saudi Aggression in Yemen


Congress has begun debating a military spending bill of more than $730 billion. See Politico‘s breakdown of amendments.

DAVE LINDORFF, dlindorff at, @davidlindorff
Lindorff is founder of the independent collectively-run journalists’ news site He wrote “Exclusive: The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Scandal Exposed,” a Nation magazine cover story. Earlier this year Lindorff won the “Izzy” award for outstanding independent journalism from the Park Center for Independent Media for “uncovering the opaqueness of Pentagon accounts and bloated military budgets.”

DAVID SEGAL, david at, @DemandProgress
Segal is executive director of Demand Progress, which just joined with more than 40 groups in a letter “Urging House Leadership NDAA Amendment 339 to Defund U.S. Participation in Yemen War.”

Segal said of the Saudi-led war in Yemen: “Congress has another opportunity to show that it will not stand idly by as the Trump administration acts with impunity — and disregards the war-making authority that the founders vested in the legislative branch — as he facilitates the slaughter of tens of thousands of people, in the name of American allegiance to one of the most vicious regimes on the face of the planet.”