News Release

Minimizing Gaza Deaths; Disinformation from Israel on Iran; Falsehoods on Baby Beheadings


The Palestinian Center for Human Rights, based in Gaza and headed by the acclaimed human rights icon Raji Sourani reports: “Israel destroys entire residential neighborhoods and intensifies mass killings of Palestinians in Gaza” and “Israel Announces Total Warfare on Gaza’s Civilian Population, Employing Starvation as a Weapon.”

The Intercept reports: “‘Beheaded Babies’ Report Spread Wide and Fast — but Israel Military Won’t Confirm It.” The Electronic Intifada reports: “Biden lied about seeing photos of beheaded Israeli children.”

Alareer is the co-editor of Gaza UnsilencedHis writings have appeared in the New York TimesHe stresses the lack of coverage of the devastation in Gaza by Israel, even by relief organizations. He notes that when 12 United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees workers were killed by Israel, the group didn’t refer to Israel as having killed them. Said Alareer: “This is whitewashing Israel.” 

Silverstein writes at Tikun Olam and recently wrote the piece “Israel Planted Wall Street Journal Leak Claiming Iran Ordered Gaza Attack,” which states: “The Wall Street Journal published a report that Iran ordered the Hamas invasion of southern Israel. It claimed that Iranian, Hezbollah and Hamas sources told them of secret meetings of top leadership in which Iran planned the attack and approved the operation. An Israeli security source directly contradicts the article. He says that the WSJ identification of its sources was false. Either Israel duped the reporters into believing they were who they claimed to be, or the Israeli source offered the leak on condition the sources be [falsely] identified as they were in the article. The source says that it was a ‘planted leak’ by Israel to deflect blame for the security debacle, which has cost over 1,000 Israeli lives, including 156 IDF soldiers, and left 120 held hostage in Gaza.” Silverstein’s other recent articles include “Israel’s Hannibal Directive: Israeli Attack Will Likely Result in 120 Hostage Deaths; Defense minister calls Gazans ‘human animals’” and a piece about civilian casualties.

Andrew MacGregor Marshall, a former Reuters editor stated: “The main reporter on this [WSJ] story … has a history of dishonesty and inventing stories. I fired her from Reuters in 2008 for this reason. I’m surprised that the WSJ has hired her and is publishing her stories that are clearly bogus.”