News Release

New Climate Report Stresses Methane


DAPHNE WYSHAM, Stephen Kent,, @methaneaction
Wysham is CEO of Methane Action which just released a statement: “New IPCC report includes methane removal as part of the path to containing climate change.”

The group says: “Scientists whose work on methane is cited in the new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on climate change welcome the report’s recognition of methane as a key driver of climate change, and its acknowledgement that emerging methods of removing methane from the atmosphere may be necessary to limit global warming.”

“Methane has emerged as the critical greenhouse gas to be tackled this decade, and [Monday’s] IPCC report affirms that,” said Wysham, CEO of the NGO Methane Action, which is working to identify solutions that can rapidly reduce atmospheric methane concentrations.

This year dozens of leading climate scientists and atmospheric chemists signed a letter spearheaded by Methane Action “recogniz[ing] the need to reduce concentrations of climate forcing agents already in the atmosphere, including methane.” See the group’s latest statement, which includes analysis by associated scientists, available for interviews.