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On Healthcare Insurance Ruling: How to Get to Universal Coverage Without a Mandate


On Monday U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson in Florida ruled the Obama administration’s healthcare insurance overhaul was unconstitutional. The law will stay in effect while the decision is appealed.

Executive director of Health Justice, Newhall is a doctor and a lawyer. He said today: “Just like the government cannot force you to buy a car from GM because there is not enough mass transit, so too Congress cannot force you to buy insurance from Wellpoint when there is not enough health care access. Notably, the Florida judge said that Congress can certainly ‘regulate’ insurance, and he also determined that a government benefit program (Medicaid) is constitutional, but he said that the individual mandate is so integral to the PPACA [last year’s major healthcare insurance law] that the entire act is void. In other words, the government cannot say — you MUST buy insurance from a private company.

“What options are left to Americans if this ruling stands in the Supreme Court?

1) “Buy health insurance that you (or your employer) are increasingly unable to afford; or

2) “Don’t buy health insurance and don’t get sick; or

3) “Wait until you are 65 and entitled to Medicare before you get sick.

“The final possibility is not yet an option, but with luck Congress and the Administration will pull its collective head out of the sand, look around, and realize that Americans care for themselves, for each other, for their country — and that American health care must be a proposition that our Founding Fathers would approve of: ‘Everybody In, Nobody Out.’ Make Medicare start at age zero and make it good enough for everyone’s health. We are already paying for Medicare for older people; why not get what we are all paying for?”

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