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Over 400 Gun Deaths Since Tucson?


Peters is a lawyer who was until recently director of the International Action Network on Small Arms, the global movement against gun violence. She said today: “In other countries — Germany, Britain, Canada, Australia, Israel, Finland, Belgium — even a single tragedy of this nature leads to a commission of inquiry and to legal loopholes being closed. It’s not about banning all guns, just putting in place common-sense regulation. There are individuals with extreme, antagonistic or insane views everywhere, but it’s easy access to a product designed for killing large numbers of people that translates those views into a disaster.

“The most recent year for which data are finalized by the CDC is 2007; there were 31,224 total gun deaths in that year in the U.S., averaging to 86 per day. This would lead to an estimate of 428 deaths in the five days since the Tucson shooting. Guns are the method in half the suicides and more than two-thirds of the homicides.”

Peters’ articles include “Small Arms: No Single Solution

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