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Pakistan Bombing: An Attack on Elections?


Al Jazeera reports in “Pakistan mosque bombing survivors traumatised but undeterred” that: “At least 100 people killed and more than 225 wounded in a suicide attack in the northwestern city of Peshawar.”

Ahmad is professor of religion and world politics at the University of Lahore in Pakistan and Director of the Center for the Study of Islam and Decoloniality.

He said today: “Undoubtedly, this was a horrific attack in Peshawar and we are deeply mourning all of the victims here in Pakistan. It had all the hallmarks of the upsurge of attacks by the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). However, along with the Afghan Taliban, they also have condemned this attack on a place of worship and have unequivocally denied having anything to do with it. And make no mistake: the TTP has no compunction in proudly owning up to its own horrific terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

“So what’s going on here? On the attempted assassination of former Prime Minister Imran Khan ousted in a Washington-backed regime change operation, he openly declared that he had intelligence information that the new puppet regime of Washington, and especially the head of one of the political parties in that coalition, Asif Ali Zardari of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), had hired fanatical militants to assassinate Khan by telling them that Khan is a ‘Jewish agent.’

“Even haters and critics of Khan and his party are beginning to admit that he would sweep elections that should be held ASAP in the country because there is zero legitimacy of the current regime….

“This is the crucial context that mainstream media is not covering at all right now — often for the obvious reasons.”