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Predicted Spill of Toxic Foam in Hawaii Highlights Dangers


Predicted Spill of Toxic Foam in Hawaii Highlights Dangers

Honolulu Civil Beat reports in “A New Leak At Red Hill Dumps Hundreds of Gallons of Firefighting Foam” that: “Approximately 1,100 gallons of toxic fire-suppressing foam leaked at the Red Hill fuel facility on Tuesday, the military and Hawaii health department confirmed on Tuesday evening. …

“Kathleen Ho, Hawaii’s deputy director of environmental health, called the leak ‘egregious’ and said the military needs to explain itself.”

Elder is the founder of Military Poisons and has written extensively on the issue of the military’s reckless use of PFAS and other toxins throughout the U.S. and around the world.

He has specifically warned about this facility in Hawaii. Elder’s team documented high levels of PFAS draining into the water at Honolulu earlier this year.
See his pieces: “Navy Fuels Hawaiian Anger: Massive fuel leak likely involves PFAS,” “Canals at Kapolei and Sand Island carry PFAS to the Ocean in Oahu, Hawaii” and “Hawaii’s Setting Sun: The Navy has shut down public access to environmental records in Hawaii.”
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November 30, 2022