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Pro-Israel Lobby and “Ethnic Cleansing” in the West Bank


Netanyahu met with AIPAC leadership in Jerusalem, prompting former Bernie Sanders surrogate Nina Turner to comment: “It’s wild that this is allowed.”

Israel has gotten wide support for its attack on Gaza from the vast majority of both Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

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MAZIN QUMSIYEH,, Skype: mbqumsiyeh
Qumsiyeh is a professor at Bethlehem University. His books include Sharing the Land of Canaan. He is founding director of the Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability.

His latest piece is “Israel Lobby in USA“, which examines a number of ways pro-Israeli forces assert themselves. He asks: “Why does the mainstream media ignore the hundreds of thousands of Jews who oppose Israel and its actions in Gaza?” Also see from Grant Smith a piece which examines the efforts by the anti-Zionist American Council on Judaism and then Attorney General Robert Kennedy to designate what would become AIPAC as a foreign agent.
    Qumsiyeh said: “As a U.S. citizen of Palestinian origin, I find the U.S. position isolated globally and is contrary even to U.S. law. For example, why do we send billions of our tax money (more than South America and Africa combined this year) to Israel while it persistently violates human rights (violating the law enshrined in the Leahy Amendment)? The answer is that a minority of Zionists shape our policies due to a strong lobby.”

Qumsiyeh highlights “accelerating repression in the West Bank, ethnic cleansingattacks by settlers and abduction of 3,300 Palestinians since Oct. 7. Also inside the Green line, there are attacks on Palestinians. One pregnant woman was stabbed to death in front of her children, many have been attacked and many more lost their jobs or university positions as students, etc.” See from Democracy Now today: “‘This Is Genocide’: Attorney Raji Sourani on Israeli War Crimes & Fleeing Gaza After Home Was Bombed.”