News Release

Propaganda Campaigns on Nicaragua and Cuba


MARGARET KIMBERLEY,, @freedomrideblog
    The State Department released a statement late Monday: “New Sanctions Following Sham Elections in Nicaragua.” Kimberley is author of Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents and executive editor and senior columnist for Black Agenda Report. She said: “Citizens of the U.S. must expose and oppose Washington’s aggressions against other countries. I was in Nicaragua last week and I observed a transparent and free election process. The media repeat falsehoods regarding the Nicaraguan government as if they are administration spokespeople instead of journalists. All parties campaigned freely, and those in jail violated a law which prohibits receiving money from foreign governments. The Nicaraguans would never allow the U.S. to overthrow them, as was attempted in 2018.” Kimberley travelled to Nicaragua with a  Black Alliance for Peace delegation and 200 other acompañantes, companions, witnessing the election process. 

    Early has visited Cuba many times over 45 years. He is the former Smithsonian Institution assistant secretary for education and public service and was director of its Cultural Heritage Policy Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. Anti-government protests in Cuba failed to materialize Monday. Early noted that Cuba is “self-sufficient in production of at least five Covid vaccines” and the nation is focused on its “decision to reopen its public space and tourism to kick start it’s devastated economy.” He notes the economy has been made “worse by the globally-condemned economic and financial blockade and sanctions” imposed by the U.S. government.

    Early questions the dominant U.S. media storyline focusing on the “anti government protests, prospects of Cuban government repression and related U.S. State Department plans to impose more sanctions.” He notes that there is “little to no mainstream press covering the internal public gatherings of Cubans, especially young Cubans, in support of Cuban socialist governance.” Nor is major media giving meaningful coverage to “widespread international social media and public marches in support of Cuban independence and sovereignty.” See past IPA news release with Early: “Biden Escalates Cuba Sanctions, Reneges on Campaign Promise.”

    While the Biden administration professes to care about democracy in Nicaragua and Cuba, some note it just sold weapons to the repressive Saudi regime, breaking his campaign pledge not to do so. Similarly Adam Johnson just wrote the piece: “Saudi-Funded VICE Cries ‘Freedom’ for Cuba, Mysteriously Silent on Saudi Human Rights Abuses.”