News Release

Public Citizen Demands to Biden


ROBERT WEISSMAN, Derrick Robinson,, @Public_Citizen
Weissman is president of Public Citizen. See their recently unveiled detailed resource: “Public Citizen Delivers Robust Transition Agenda Demands to President-Elect Joe Biden.”

The group highlights a series of actions Biden could take, for example swiftly rescinding old executive orders and issuing new ones. Many of these demands would have far-reaching effects on people’s lives and do not require any approval from the Senate. Just a few of the agenda items:

* Complete Wall Street systemic risk reform

* Reform corporate misconduct prosecution

* Reversal of Trump investor protection deregulation

* Address corruption, conflicts of interest, and the revolving door

* Publish ethics documents and Whtie House and agency visitor logs

* Fully staff and resource Freedom of Information Act offices across the executive branch

* Direct the General Services Administration and other government contracting officials to make CEO/worker pay ratio an element in bidding criteria