News Release

Students on Hunger Strike for University Workers’ Living Wage


Seventeen student hunger strikers are beginning the second week of their fast for a living wage for workers at the University of Virginia getting a living wage.

Interviews with student hunger strikers as well as with university employees who have been asking for a living wage for years can be arranged via Emily Filler, emilyfiller at

More information about the campaign and the hunger strike is available.

Among the hunger strikers:

Williams just wrote the piece “Why I’m Hunger Striking at UVA,” which is featured on Michael Moore’s website and states: “… in our ‘caring community,’ hundreds of contract employees may make as little as $7.25 per hour … I have experienced many periods of economic hardship in my life. Growing up, I moved over 30 times — including various stays in homeless shelters, the homes of family friends, and church basements. I know firsthand what the economic struggle is like for many of these underpaid workers.”

Williams is third-year student at the University of Virginia and player for the Virginia Cavaliers football team.