News Release

Team Biden Goes From Denial to Panic


JEFF COHEN,, @Roots_Action    Cohen is co-founder of, which is sponsoring the Step Aside Joe campaign. He is a retired journalism professor at Ithaca College and founder of the media watch group FAIR. Cohen was a Bernie Sanders delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

He just co-wrote the piece “Team Biden Goes From Denial to Panic” which states: “Over the weekend, Politico published the latest in a tidal wave of stories about President Biden’s dwindling prospects for re-election. Under the headline ‘The Polls Keep Getting Worse for Biden,’ the article pointed out that Biden is trailing the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in a large majority of the latest polling. …

“The bleak poll numbers might actually understate the problem, as they measure only voter discontent and not activist discontent. For months next summer and fall, Democratic activists will be needed to win over undecided voters and mobilize occasional voters. But many activists who worked hard to elect Biden over Trump in 2020 now have little enthusiasm for the president, due to his policies on climateracial justiceGaza and other vital concerns.”