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The “Second-Most Important Vote” Today


rcv-1-2-3MICHELLE WHITTAKER, mwhittaker[at], @fairvote
Communications director for FairVote, Whittaker said today: “As millions of voters head to the polls on Election Day there is energy for electoral reform across the country. Americans have a chance to shape democracy for generations to come and improve our political discourse for the better. Maine’s historic opportunity to become the first state to adopt ranked choice voting for statewide offices is an chance for all Americans to look forward to elections where voters have a stronger voice and the will of people is heard.”
She added: “FairVote applauds the tireless work of thousands of grassroots supporters and volunteers to bring ranked choice voting to Maine. Question 5 gives voters a stronger voice and ensures that the will of the people is heard in Maine. In our current system, the way we choose our leaders is failing. As a nonpartisan group, FairVote advocates for proven solutions to make elections better. Voters should have the freedom to vote for the candidate they like the best without fear that their vote will help the candidate they like the least. Studies show that campaigns are less negative in cities that use ranked choice voting. Rewarding candidates who seek to earn every voter’s support is a win for the people of Maine and American democracy as a whole. Ranked choice voting is a nonpartisan reform supported by Republicans, Democrats, and independents. We all recognize the need to make our country a better place for future generations. It begins with how we elect and hold our leaders accountable.”

The Portland Press-Herald published an editorial: “Ranked-choice voting is right for Maine,” which states: “We support Question 5, a proposal to introduce ranked-choice voting in primaries and general elections for U.S. senator, U.S. representative, governor and members of the Maine Legislature.

“This reform represents a bold change, but it’s a change that would bring back something we’ve lost — consensus politics in a time of political fragmentation.”

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