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The Syria Solution


Bassam-Khabieh_Reuters-640x358CHARLES GLASS, [in Beirut] charlesglass [at], @charlesmglass
Available for a limited number of interviews, Glass is the author of many books including Syria Burning: A Short History of a Catastrophe.

He said today: “The death and suffering caused by poison gas in Syria emphasizes the urgency — not to escalate the war with more bombardment — but to end it through negotiation between the United States and Russia. Only they can impose a solution on their clients.”

His articles include “The U.S. and Russia Ensure a Balance of Terror in Syria,” for the Intercept and “Russia and the U.S. now have the power to impose peace in Syria,” for the Guardian. See his website.

Glass was ABC News Chief Middle East correspondent. In February, the New York Review of Books published his piece “How Assad Is Winning,” which stated: “Wherever the warring sides want peace, there is peace. Where they contest territory, as they did until recently in the eastern quarters of Aleppo, there is war. Where they want profits, they collaborate. Hence, the ‘million-dollar checkpoint’ and lesser checkpoints throughout the country that sustain the business of war. Paltry exactions from beleaguered citizens add up to large fortunes, giving the fighters incentives to mute the conflict in certain areas and marshal their forces elsewhere.”