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Today’s Wisconsin In-Person Voting Condemned by Local Elections Inspector


KWEKU RAMEL SMITH, ramel.blaquesmith at
Smith is a licensed psychologist, president of his local chapter of Kappa Phi of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and a registered chief election inspector in Wisconsin. He is available for a limited number of interviews.

He said today: “Our state, specifically our Wisconsin Supreme Court, has forced in-person voting to take place [today], when there were other options. We are in the midst of the worst week [of the pandemic] according to the surgeon general and we decide to make people vote. … Even states like Ohio, who are similar to Wisconsin, had the common decency to protect the people above partisan politics. We failed to do so!”

On April 3, he sent a letter to Wisconsin Gov. Anthony Evers: “We implore you to postpone the Tuesday, April 7, 2020 election being that the pandemic shows no sign of subsiding. The resulting depressed voter turnout on April 7, 2020 will disenfranchise thousands of voters, who will be either unwilling or unable to vote without subjecting themselves and others to unsafe conditions for not just themselves and their families, but for all residents of our state. …

“To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, protect the public health, and provide essential protections to vulnerable Wisconsinites, it is crucial that all Wisconsinites take steps to limit in-person contact. …

“Although protective and sanitation gear will be provided by the City of Milwaukee Election Commission, over 180 polling locations have recently been reduced to eight due to the lack of election inspectors. As such, voters have less than a week to determine their new polling location and will now be forced to go to a polling location where there will be more people due to the consolidation of the voting sites.”

See video of Smith on Facebook about the election. He recently spoke at the Governor’s Conference on Emergency Management and Homeland Security about first responders and trauma.

The Hill reports: “Black people are disproportionately affected by the coronavirus.”

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