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Torturer at Royal Wedding as Monarchies “Hijack” Uprisings


Dr. SAEED AL SHEHABI, mrsam13 at
General secretary of the Bahrain Freedom Movement, Al Shehabi said today: “We were able to prevent the crown prince from attending the royal wedding by stating that his attendance would be considered backing of human rights violations that are taking place in Bahrain. Now the attendance of the Bahraini ambassador who committed torture in Bahrain is even worse.

“Throughout the Mideast, the monarchies, especially the Gulf Sheikdoms, led by Saudi Arabia and in cooperation with the Western powers, are hijacking the Arab uprisings to leave the monarchies in place.”

Background: The Guardian reports: “The former head of an agency accused of torture and human rights abuses is expected to be a guest at Friday’s royal wedding, the Guardian has learned.

“Sheikh Khalifa Bin Ali al-Khalifa is a former head of Bahrain’s National Security Agency and will attend the wedding in his role as the current Bahraini ambassador to London. …

“Khalifa was head of the agency from 2005 to 2008. The pressure group Human Rights Watch alleges that in 2007 detainees in Bahrain suffered torture including electric shocks and beatings.”

The Christian Science Monitor reports: “Bahrain sentences four protesters to death, deepening anger among Shiites.”

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