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Trump Impeachment Momentum


newsrelease 1In the new story “Trump Impeachment Articles Now Being Drafted, Says Democratic Congressman Al Green,” Newsweek reports: “Democratic Representative Al Green has said he is pushing ahead with the process of impeaching President Donald Trump and is currently drawing up articles of impeachment.”

Green also appeared on the program “Democracy Now” on Wednesday.

RON FEIN, via Edward Erikson, edward.erikson at
Fein is legal director of Free Speech For People. He said today: “The evidence that the President is taking illegal foreign emoluments and obstructing a federal investigation is too overwhelming to ignore. Congress doesn’t need to wait for the special prosecutor — it can start an impeachment investigation now.”

NORMAN SOLOMON, solomonprogressive at
Solomon is the national coordinator of, the online group that is co-sponsoring (with Free Speech For People) the Impeach Donald Trump Now petition campaign that currently has more than 1.1 million signers.

He said today: “Leadership on impeachment is coming from the grassroots. Now someone in Congress, Rep. Al Green, is responding with clarity about the solid grounds for impeaching Trump — the Constitution’s foreign and domestic emoluments clauses as well as obstruction of justice.”

Solomon added: “For months we’ve had more than enough of partisan sniping from House members unwilling to actually commit to introducing an impeachment resolution. We’re now seeing a shift toward focusing on President Trump’s clear violations of the supreme law of the land — and the constitutional remedy called impeachment.”

Solomon is the author of War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death. He is executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy.