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U.S. Allowing Turkish Assault on Kurds in Syria: Escalating Chaos and Helping ISIS?


The Guardian reports: “Latest betrayal of Kurds risks undermining defeat of ISIS.”

NPR reports: “More Than 100 Killed And Thousands Injured In Anti-Government Protests In Iraq.”

EDMUND GHAREEB, edmundghareeb at
Ghareeb is an internationally recognized scholar on the Kurds and on Iraq. He teaches at American University. His books include The Kurdish Nationalist MovementThe Kurdish Question in Iraq and War in the Gulf which he co-authored with Majid Khadduri.

KANI XULAM, kani at, @akininfo
Xulam is director of the American Kurdish Information Network. He said today: “One word describes President Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria. Perhaps he loves and thrives on chaos, which will be its upshot. [Turkish leader Recep] Erdogan, alas, watched Islamic State grow into a threat to the Middle East and the world. Kurds and their Arab allies waged an existential war to rid the world of this menace. Instead of thanking the Kurds and their allies, we are now going to witness their slaughter in the hands of the Turkish army. It is a disaster in the making with ramifications for the world.”

See news release from 2016: “Turkey’s Hidden War Against the Kurds,” which cites the work of Robert Worth in the New York Times Magazine.

See: “A Brief History of American Betrayal of the Kurds” at ZNet from 2016 and “The Politics of Betrayal: Obama Backstabs Kurds to Appease Turkey” at Counterpunch from 2015.