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U.S. Biowarfare in North Korea Charges: Long-Suppressed Report Finally Accessible


[Politico reports this morning: “Trump administration announces ‘largest’ North Korea sanctions.” The 2018 Winter Olympics closing ceremony from South Korea will start Sunday, Feb. 25 at 6 a.m. E.T. and is scheduled to be available livestream without network commentary via in the U.S.]

JEFFREY KAYE, jeffkaye at, @jeff_kaye
Kaye just wrote the article “REVEALED: The long-suppressed official report on U.S. biowarfare in North Korea” for Insurge Intelligence, “people-powered watchdog journalism for the global commons.”

Insurge Intelligence writes about the report by the International Scientific Commission: “Written largely by the most prestigious British scientist of his day [Joseph Needham], this official report, containing hundreds of pages of evidence about the use of U.S. biological weapons during the Korean War, was effectively suppressed upon its original release in 1952. …

“The report provides compelling evidence of systematic violation of the laws of war against North Korea through the deployment of biological weapons — a critical context that is essential for anyone to understand the dynamics of current regional tensions, and what might be done about them.”

Kaye said today: “Among the hundreds of pages of documentation appended to the ISC report are four handwritten statements written by U.S. Air Force airmen captured by Communist forces, whose admissions of germ warfare were widely attributed to supposed brainwashing.

“The report also offers a first public accounting of the Japanese biological warfare campaign against China in the 1940s. At the time of the report (1952), these germ warfare attacks, which killed a few hundred thousand people, was said to be propaganda by Communist forces. But in fact the U.S. had made a secret agreement of cooperation with these Japanese biowarfare personnel (Unit 731).”

Kaye also describes “how the U.S. government responded to the ISC report, rejecting its conclusions and calling for an ‘independent’ UN or Red Cross investigation into the biowarfare charges. But in recently declassified documents, top government officials working for the Psychological Strategy Board (essentially a CIA-State Department collaboration) admitted internally that an ‘actual investigation’ was the last thing they wanted, as it could reveal information that would cause the U.S. government ‘psychological as well as military damage.’ They used as an example of what could be revealed ‘8th Army preparations or operations (e.g. chemical warfare).'”