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* U.S. “Complicity” Grows * Shift in Israel


Silverstein writes at Tikun Olam. His recent pieces include “Growing U.S. Complicity in Gaza Genocide: U.S. offers intelligence to assassinate Sinwar,” “Hezbollah Destroys Israeli Iron Dome Battery” and “Mossad Mafia Threatens ICC Prosecutors, Journalists.

He writes: “We know the many varied ways the U.S. has been complicit in Gaza genocide. The billions in weapons, intelligence, UN vetoes, etc. In fact, U.S. Predator drones provided crucial information enabling the IDF to mount the Nuseirat massacre. The U.S. has also sought to locate senior Hamas leaders to enable the IDF to assassinate them. Marwan Issa, Hamas’ third-in-command, was reportedly murdered thanks to such crucial information. …” The Washington Post reports: “U.S. intelligence agencies have provided an extraordinary amount of support to their Israeli counterparts. That assistance has helped find the missing but also raised concerns about the use of sensitive information.”

Regarding other developments in Israel, he observes: “The war cabinet has dissolved with the so-called moderates, [Benny] Gantz and [Gadi] Eisenkot leaving. That leaves Netanyahu alone with his Judeo-fascist partners Ben Gvir and [Bezalel] Smotrich.

“The Hannibal Directive was invoked on 10/7 when Israeli tanks and helicopter gunships deliberately killed Israelis held hostage by Hamas.

“Eight IDF soldiers were killed in Rafah last week, likely increasing the violence and already horrible conditions for civilians.

“Netanyahu is facing rebellion from the army which agreed to the humanitarian pause against Netanyahu’s wishes. At least according to public messaging.”