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CNN is reporting: “Venezuela’s Guaido refuses to rule out accepting U.S. military support amid escalating political crisis.”

Former U.N. independent expert Alfred de Zayas tweeted: “The disinformation campaign about Venezuela is reminiscent of the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq 2003.”

See report from The Real News with Mark Weisbrot: “New Oil Sanctions on Venezuela: ‘Would Destroy What’s Left of its Economy.'”

Bloomberg reports that the Bank of England has refused to turn over $1.2 Billion in Venezuela’s gold to the Maduro government.

JOE EMERSBERGER, jemersberger at, @rosendo_joe
Emersberger has written extensively on Venezuela, most recently “The most unforgivable Western lie about Venezuela: that it has a ‘caged’ media” for The Canary. His past pieces for the media watch group FAIR include “WaPo: Trump Needs to Destroy Venezuela to Save It.”

He has also written for Venezuela Analysis, including the piece “Trump’s Economic Sanctions Have Cost Venezuela About $6bn Since August 2017.”

Other contributors and editors for (@venanalysis) are in that country:

LUCAS KOERNER, lmkoerner11 at
Koerner has repeatedly appeared on The Real News and just appeared on Sky News Australia.

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See Dobson’s most recent interviews and pieces on, They are here and here.