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Venezuela: U.S Sanctions Killing Tens of Thousands


David Cicilline (D-RI) tweeted yesterday: “I introduced H.R.1004 to prevent American military action in Venezuela. Congress should pass this bill before we rush into another unnecessary war.” See: @accuracy Twitter feed on Venezuela.

MARK WEISBROT, JEFFREY SACHS, via Dan Beeton, beeton at, @ceprdc
Wesibrot and Sachs, two noted economists, co-authored a just-released report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research estimating that U.S. Sanctions on Venezuela are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths.

TERI MATTSON, [now in Venezuela] teri at
Mattson is program manager with the Intrepid News Fund. She said today: “The people here are amazingly calm and incredibly resilient despite the sanctions and constant threat of military intervention. … The U.S. does not seem to understand the pulse of the street nor does it understand the history of the Venezuelan military.” She highlights other sources of information including and

MARGARET FLOWERS, mdpnhp at, @PopResistance
Flowers is with Popular Resistance and is among the U.S. activists currently in the Venezuelan embassy building in Washington, D.C. They are seeking to prevent the building being taken over by the “illegitimate” government of Juan Guaidó and have draped banners outside the building including “End the Deadly Sanctions” and “No War for Oil” — a reference to Venezuela having the world’s largest proven oil reserves. See Facebook page of the Embassy Protection Collective.