News Release

“Washington is a Direct Partner in the Israeli War on Gaza”


RAMZY BAROUD,, @RamzyBaroud     Baroud is editor of The Palestine Chronicle. He was quoted in the Inter Press Service piece: “Israel’s 2,000-pound Bunker-Busting Bombs, Supplied by U.S., May Have Annihilated Gaza,” saying: “The latest war on Gaza and the direct U.S. involvement in this war are forcing us to rethink our perception of the U.S.-Israeli relationship. …

“If we list everything that Washington has done to help Israel in carrying out and sustain its ongoing genocide in Gaza, we would need many hours explaining the degree of U.S. involvement.”

Baroud gave numerous examples and concluded: “In other words, Washington is a direct partner in the Israeli war on Gaza. This realization shall have direct consequences, not only to U.S. reputation in the Middle East, but in the short and even long-term U.S.-Middle East strategies, including its military presence in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere.”

The article notes the recent New York Times piece “State Department Bypasses Congress to Approve Israel’s Order for Tank Ammunition.”

Recent articles in The Palestine Chronicle include: “Gaza ‘a Living Hell, Time Running Out’ — UNRWA Chief,” “The ICC Paralysis — Why Does Karim Khan Continue to Fail Palestine?” and “Three Palestinians Killed, Several Wounded as Israel’s Violence in West Bank Continues.”