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Why the Silence on Global Warming?


DAPHNE WYSHAM [email], via Lacy MacAuley [email]
Wysham is a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and is the co-director of the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network. She said today: “The Arctic is melting to record lows, extreme weather is increasing, grain reserves are at record lows threatening millions with hunger should there be another bad grain harvest next year, but there was NO mention of climate change in the presidential debates. It was just who could shout ‘drill, baby, drill!’ the loudest, with President Obama throwing in a token reference to solar and wind.

“On the surface, the candidates appear to hold different positions on climate change: Obama has insisted that ‘climate change is not a hoax,’ while Romney has mocked the president’s promises ‘to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet.’ Yet both candidates have made clear — either in coded language or in outright support — that they will allow the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline from Canada to the United States to proceed with little impediment, ignoring warnings from NASA’s top climate scientist, Dr. James Hansen, that if the Canadian tar sands are fully exploited, ‘it is game over for Earth’s climate.'” See “Six Global Issues The Foreign Policy Debates Won’t Touch.”

Background: Money from Exxon:
Romney: $108,860
Obama: $57,846

From Energy/Natural Resources Sectors:
Romney: $6,385,880
Obama: $1,607,407

Oil and gas interests have given more money to outside groups than to the campaigns.