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Will Build Back Better Deliver?


The Institute for Policy Studies has several experts available to speak about the negotiations on the Hill. The group states: “Democratic lawmakers are scrambling to forge an agreement on President Biden’s Build Back Better plan to address our country’s pressing human and climate change needs. The social investments in the deal, including universal pre-K, expanded child tax credits, paid leave, and Medicare expansion, have the potential to be the most consequential for workers, children, and seniors since the 1930s. The agreement could also be historic on the revenue side, with a path-breaking tax on billionaires gaining momentum as one of the key options to pay for these vital public investments.

“But a handful of conservative Democrats are pushing to water down the president’s proposals, and they hold enormous power in a Congress where their party holds only a razor-thin majority.”

Among the analysts available are :

Chuck Collins directs the Program on Inequality and the Common Good and co-edits at the Institute for Policy Studies. The author of the new book, The Wealth Hoarders, Collins is a veteran fair tax advocate who has made headlines this year for his work tracking the explosion of billionaire pandemic wealth.

Sarah Anderson directs the Global Economy Project and co-edits at the Institute for Policy Studies. She testified earlier this year before the Senate Budget Committee on inequality in the U.S. and has written extensively on the tax and investment proposals on the budget negotiating table.

Anderson and Collins have just published an analysis of the billionaire tax in play on Capitol Hill.

Karen Dolan directs the IPS Criminalization of Race and Poverty Project. She can speak about the child tax credit and other anti-poverty measures in the bill, the political dynamics on Capitol Hill, and the relationship between safety net funding and social movements.

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