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Will Israel Go the Way of Apartheid South Africa?


Trita Parsi reports: “Algeria circulated a new UN resolution this afternoon that would implement the International Court of Justice’s order against Israel.” See his analysis.

Middle East Eye reports: “Mexico seeks to join South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at ICJ.” The Washington Post reports: “Another senior State official resigns over Gaza, taking aim at aid.”

Alfred de Zayas is a law professor at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and served as a UN Independent Expert on International Order 2012-18. He is the author of ten books including Building a Just World Order, 2021. He is available for interviews Wednesday. He is currently working with the Geneva International Peace Research Institute. Jacquet is vice president of the institute and is available for interviews.

Alfred de Zayas said today: “On 30 Sept. 1974 the General Assembly adopted resolution 3206. The resolution approved the rejection of the credentials of the South African delegation by the Credentials Committee. Since then South Africa was effectively banned from participating in the work of the General Assembly. Today the General Assembly should adopt a similar resolution concerning Israel stripping it of its voting rights by withdrawing the recognition of the credentials of Israeli diplomats. Back in 1974 it was a matter of Apartheid. Today we are facing not only Apartheid in Israel, but an open rebellion against international law and the UN Charter, a refusal to respect the authority of the International Court of Justice, and a relentless genocide — out in the open. This challenge to international order cannot be tolerated.

“‘Business as usual’ is no longer possible. Countries that continue giving military, political, economic, financial, diplomatic, propagandistic support are all complicit in the genocide.

“What is really necessary is for States to break commercial relations with Israel. The General Assembly should explicitly invite States to break commercial relations with Israel and could endorse the BDS movement worldwide.

“The GA should welcome the rediscovery of the spirituality of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by university students worldwide and the concrete application demanded by university students to completely disinvest from Israel.

“The GA should take the opportunity to point fingers at the states complicit in the genocide, including the U.S., Canada, UK, France, Germany etc. See our initiative at the Geneva International Peace Research Institute.”

See: “Call to the International Criminal Court to investigate … Ursula von der Leyen for complicity in war crimes and genocide committed by Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and in Gaza” about the president of the European Commission.

Also see recent IPA news release “ICJ Orders Israel to Halt Military Offensive” which features legal experts in North America available for interviews.