News Release

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Shatters Records


Kraig is executive director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin, which played a “major role in the U.S. Senate race of 2022 and is running a major deep canvass program in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race.”

He said today: “The Wisconsin Supreme Court election has shattered all records for spending in a judicial race because there are so many huge issues at stake. For Wisconsin, it will determine whether or not women must suffer an archaic 1849 abortion ban that was passed decades before women had the right to vote. It will also determine whether Wisconsin continues to have the most gerrymandered legislative maps in the U.S., which guarantee GOP super majorities in a 50/50 state. The race also could affect the 2024 presidential election, as a conservative super majority in the legislature and the right-wing Supreme Court could team up to ignore the Wisconsin popular vote and name Wisconsin critical presidential electors for Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, or another MAGA candidate for president.”