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With Biden Polls Low, Step Aside Joe Campaign Urges: “Face Reality”


The indictment of Joe Biden’s son Hunter on gun charges this afternoon is another setback for the president’s re-election prospects. Hours before the indictment was announced, the Step Aside Joe campaign issued a statement today calling for Biden to “make way for an open primary process that could place a stronger candidate at the top of the ticket.”

Today’s statement is posted here.The Step Aside Joe campaign is sponsored by available: SAM ROSENTHAL,     Rosenthal is RootsAction’s political director, based in Washington, DC. He previously served as the political director at Our Revolution and in elected leadership with Central Brooklyn Democratic Socialists of America.JEFF COHEN,     Cohen is a co-founder of RootsAction. He is a retired journalism professor who founded the media watch group FAIR in 1986. For years, he was a regular pundit on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC discussing issues of media and politics.