Uprisings: Online Resouces


With protests continuing, here is a partial list of online resources:

For Libya: #Feb17; CNN’s Ben Wedeman; @EnoughGaddafi; For Bahrain: #Feb14, @OnlineBahrain; For Yemen: #Feb3; @JNovak_Yemen; Palestinian: #Mar15

Gulf: @dr_davidson, @tobycraigjones

For Saudi Arabia: on Twitter: #Mar11; Webpages and blogs:,,,,

To translate:

Based in the U.S., but with extensive contacts in the Mideast:; the new journal;

For Tunisia and generally: #Sidibouzid (refers to the town of Mohamed Bouazizi, the Tunisian street vendor who on December 17 was the first of several in the region to immolate himself in protest.)

Egypt: #Jan25 (all dates referring to date protests began in each country);; feed from Cairo; @avinunu (who is in Amman) set up a Reporters in Egypt list. Philip Rizk @tabulagaza; blogger at @3arabawy; blogger at @arabist; Al Jazeera English corespondent @AymanM; Democracy Now‘s @sharifkouddous. Voice to Tweet from Egypt:

Live updates at; Al-Jazeera English live blog and video, or via YouTube: Arabic and English.

A critical Facebook page is “We are all Khaled Said” — also see the associated webpage (For background on Khaled Said, see IPA news release.) See:;

For translating from Arabic and French websites and Twitter feeds, can be helpful

IPA communications director Sam Husseini’s personal feed @samhusseini

(Photo by Nasser Gamil Nasser, who was assaulted by police.)