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Impeachment on the Table?


The House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing today “on the Imperial Presidency of George W. Bush and possible legal responses.” The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports: “While Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers of Michigan is not billing the hearing as an effort to impeach Bush, Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich will attend to make his impeachment case before the committee.”

Creator of, Swanson just wrote the piece “Congress Hears Ringing Call for Impeachment.”
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Fein was a Justice Department attorney in the Nixon administration. He is scheduled to testify before the Judiciary Committee today. His prepared testimony begins: “If President George W. Bush had knocked to enter the constitutional convention in Philadelphia in 1787, presiding convention president George Washington would have denied him admission. … The executive branch has destroyed the Constitution’s time-honored checks and balances and raced the nation perilously close to executive despotism. The executive branch rejects the basic philosophical tenets of the United States. It does not accept that America was conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that sovereignty in a republican form of government lies with the people; that there are no vassals or serfs in the Constitution’s landscape; that every man or woman is a king or queen but no one wears a crown; and, that the rule of law is the nation’s civic religion. The Founding Fathers fashioned impeachment as a remedy for attacks against the constitutional order.”

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