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Activists Challenge the Siege of Gaza


The Free Gaza Movement is organizing a boat of activists to enter Gaza by sea via Cyprus. Among the activists:

Born in Germany, Epstein is a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust. She said today: “I wish Sen. Obama had talked about walls not only in Berlin, but also when he was in Israel, and then had really gone into the West Bank and/or Gaza and seen the devastation that the wall and siege of Gaza has created for Palestinians. I know whereof I speak, because I have been to the Israeli occupied West Bank five times since 2003. On or about Aug. 5, I will be joining approximately 40 peace-loving nonviolent people from all over the world on a boat from Cyprus to Gaza, to ‘Break the Siege’ of Gaza.” She is author of Remembering Is Not Enough: The Autobiography of Hedy Epstein.
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Deeb, who was born and raised in Gaza, is a U.S. citizen who is living in Los Angeles. He will be leaving LA on Monday for Cyprus. Deeb said today: “The presidential candidates Obama and McCain have each gone to the Israeli town of Sderot, which has sustained moderate damage and causalities. Yet they both ignored the total devastating disaster — as a result of the Israeli siege and bombing — of the Gaza Strip and its 1.4 million Palestinians. With hundreds — if not thousands — of killed civilian victims, Israel claims to have left Gaza in 2005. If that is true, then it will not interfere with us going there by sea from international waters.”

Larudee is a human rights activist and piano tuner.
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Others working with the Free Gaza Movement who are en route to Cyprus and are reachable by email include:

Kysia wrote the piece “Breaking Into a Prison to Uphold the Law.”

An interview with Berlin on

Saleh is an organizer for the group and is remaining in the United States.

For more information, contact at the Institute for Public Accuracy:
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