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Black Voters Matter Blocked from Taking Georgia Seniors to Vote


Think Progress is reporting in “Black Voters Matter Blocked from Taking Georgia Seniors to Vote” that: “Seniors in rural Georgia were dancing in the street, preparing to board Black Voters Matter‘s bus to cast their ballots on the first day of Georgia’s early voting period. But the 40 or so African American senior citizens were told to get off the bus, an act organizers described as ‘live voter suppression.’

“While the elderly people were boarding the vehicle plastered with photos of African Americans and raised black fists, the Leisure Center in Jefferson County was notified that someone had called the county commissioner and complained that the bus should not be taking voters to the polls.

“LaTosha Brown, one of the co-founders of Black Voters Matters, said there was nothing illegal about the group’s activity. The organization is non-partisan and the bus doesn’t endorse any particular candidate. She called it a clear-cut case of ‘voter intimidation.’”

LATOSHA BROWN, latoshabrown777 at

Brown and Albright are co-founders of Black Voters Matter, which is based in Atlanta.

Brown said today: “This is a continuation of voter suppression and voter intimidation. … Even in the absence of law or policy they use voter Intimidation as a strategy to use their power and authority to intimidate black folks in rural areas.

“These people did nothing wrong by riding with us on our bus, but when the authorities said the seniors could not ride on our bus — which was legal — they got off and boarded the bus that was their pre-arranged transportation.

“But Jefferson County officials cancelled the group’s appointment to do early voting today anyway.”Albright added: “They made us even more energized. Can’t stop, won’t stop.”