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Women’s March on the Pentagon


CINDY SHEEHAN, CindySheehan at, @womenmarch4paz
BONNIE CARACCIOLO, Bosmarch2018 at, @green42020
EMMA FIALA, Emma at, @bymyelf

Cindy Sheehan gained global recognition for protesting against the Iraq invasion outside of then-President George W. Bush’s Crawford ranch in 2005. She has continued her antiwar activism in the years since, regardless of the party in the White House. She is lead organizer for the Women’s March on the Pentagon taking place this weekend. Caracciolo and Fiala are fellow organizers of the march — see:

The group released a statement: “Despite the fact that our children are getting third rate public schooling; homelessness is a national crisis and disgrace; U.S. infrastructure is failing at an alarming rate; and this nation is being dissolved foot by foot by global warming and unprecedented natural disasters: the Pentagon receives almost 60 cents of every tax dollar to continue the war machine’s program of global domination for resource control and profit.

“We at WMOP reject the thinking that just because the U.S. has long been the world’s dominant hegemonic force, that it has to remain that way. Maintaining the U.S. war machine at its current levels is sucking the life our of our families, communities, nation and world.”

“Imperialism is the disease,” the group continued and such efforts at “organizing in a dedicated and militant (we won’t stop until they stop) way for a peaceful and sustainable planet is the answer!”