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* Brazil * Pentagon Lied About Killing Civilians in Afghanistan with Drone Strikes


MIKE ELK,, @MikeElk
Elk is senior labor reporter at Payday Report. He just wrote the piece “UPDATES & VIDEOS: Bolsonaro Supporters Attack Brazilian Capital.” He recently spent two and half months in Brazil, filing 16 stories from Brazil on the presidential elections.

Building on a recent New York Times investigation, is reporting: “Pentagon Doc Reveals U.S. Lied About Afghan Civilians Killed in 2021 Drone Strike.” “U.S. military officials knew that an August 2021 drone strike in Kabul likely killed Afghan civilians including children but lied about it, a report published Friday revealed.”

Kelly and Mottern are co-coordinators of Kelly said today: “New York Times reporter Azmat Khan, and her newspaper, deserve praise for forcing the release of Pentagon documents about the drone attack that killed seven children and three adults in the Ahmadi family. But, unfortunately these documents do not completely explain why ‘the intelligence community’ led military commanders to authorize the devastating attack against Zemari Ahmadi, an employee of a U.S.-based nonprofit providing food assistance to the Afghan people.”