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* New Israeli Government * Hakeem Jeffries’ AIPAC Funding



    Silverstein writes at Tikun Olam and recently wrote the pieces Judeo-Fascist Coalition Affirms ‘Inalienable Right’ of Jewish People to ‘All the Land of Israel’” and “Israeli ‘Arsonist,’ Ben Gvir, Stirs Outrage with Haram al Sharif ‘Visit.’
    Silverstein quotes Jewish Voice for Peace: “The new Israeli government has been clear about its agenda from the beginning: ensure Jewish supremacy over all land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, and expedite the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.”

    Silverstein has written about AIPAC and related groups playing a critical role in the Democratic Party over the last year, noting: “Its own PAC and those affiliated with it spent over $30 million to defeat progressive Democrats in primary elections, who voiced even the slightest disagreement with Israeli policies.” Silverstein wrote pieces such as “AIPAC Astroturf Groups Plow Millions into Defeating Progressive Democrats.”

    New House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries is an outspoken advocate for Israel. According to Open Secrets, three of his top five contributors — Pro-Israel America PAC, NorPAC and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — are pro-Israeli government. See 2021 profile piece on Jeffries, which notes his extremely pro-Israeli government views, from The American Prospect