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Direct Action Targets Israel’s Largest Weapons Maker


Israel has again bombed the Jabalia refugee camp (that is an area of Gaza densely filled with Palestinians who were driven from their homes in what is now Israel in 1948 and their descendants). The latest strike hit a school.

Walsh is a founding organizer of Palestine Action US. Some of their videos of their direct actions have gone viral.

See report in the British Independent: “Pro-Palestine activists have claimed they shut down a Boston arms company that supplies Israel. Palestine Action US posted on X alleging it ‘completely halted’ the business of Elbit Systems in Boston after a protest on Monday. Elbit Systems, an Israel-based international defense electronics company, is the largest weapons supplier to Israel.”

See: “Palestine Action US campaign launches to stop Israeli genocide of Palestine and shut Elbit down,” which states: “What Israel is doing to Palestine is nothing short of a genocide, and Elbit has blood on their hands. Elbit supplies 85 percent of Israel’s military drone fleet, along with bullets, tear gas, land-based equipment, and internationally banned weapons.”

See “Palestine Actionists Assaulted by Cambridge Police For Shutting Elbit Down,” which states: “Elbit Systems operates not only in Massachusetts, but also in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina. Get organized wherever you are. We will shut Elbit down.”

The group noted: “Direct action works. Weapons company stocks have skyrocketed across the board since 10/7 with Israel’s genocidal siege on Gaza — except for Elbit, Israel’s largest weapons manufacturer, one of its largest companies overall, and the target of sustained direct action by @Pal_action [in Britain] and now @Pal_ActionUS.”