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* French General Strike * The Attacks on Corbyn


JEAN BRICMONT, [in Paris] jean.bricmont at
The Wall Street Journal is now reporting: “France Grinds to a Halt as Massive Strike Begins.”

Noted author and academic, Bricmont said today: “I was at the demo in Paris. I have never seen such a dense crowd except during the anti-missile marches during the 80’s and I have been to lots of demonstrations.

“Also the tone was very militant and I heard that many people who never go to demos did come this time.” See his interview on The Real News: “France’s ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Emerged Spontaneously, without Leadership,” from late last year about the anti-austerity movement.

MARK CURTIS, mark at, @markcurtis30
Curtis is author of numerous books including Web of Deceit: Britain’s Real Role in the World. He is editor of the newly-launched Declassified UK, which just published the piece “How the UK military and intelligence establishment is working to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister.”

TARIQ ALI, tariq.ali3 at, @TariqAli_News
Ali is author of many books including Street Fighting Years: An Autobiography of the Sixties. He appeared on the program “Democracy Now!” this week to speak about the Dec. 12 British election, Brexit and Prince Andrew’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.