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Israel Targets Children, Aid Workers; Escalates Attacks in Syria


The Guardian reports: “‘Not a normal war’: doctors say children have been targeted by Israeli snipers in Gaza.”

DAVE DeCAMP,, @DecampDave
DeCamp is news editor of and host of “Antiwar News with Dave DeCamp” — a daily summary of developments.

Listen to his latest “Israel Bombed Foreign Aid Workers 3 Times, NATO Chief Floats $100 Billion Fund for Ukraine, and More” (also on YouTube and X.)

His piece “Israel Bombed Foreign Aid Workers Three Times Until They Were All Killed” reports: “Israel launched three separate drone strikes on an aid convoy in its attack that killed seven World Central Kitchen aid workers, Haaretz reported on Tuesday.

“One Israeli drone fired three missiles at three cars that were clearly marked with the WCK’s logos and were traveling on roads preapproved by the Israeli military. After the first car was hit, wounded survivors were picked up by a second car. After that car was hit, they went into the third car. Then, the Israeli drone finished the job. …”

DeCamp, the father of a seven-month-old and a two-year-old also just wrote the piece “Israeli Siege Causes Sharp Rise in Newborn Baby Deaths in Gaza.”

[See recent pieces by Sam Husseini: “By Way of Deception: State Dept. Pretending It Recognizes the Geneva Conventions” and “Creation of ‘Kill Zones’ and What ‘Occupied Territory’ Means.”]

In “Khamenei Vows Israel Will Be ‘Punished’ for Bombing Iran’s Syria Consulate,” DeCamp writes: “Israel’s bombing of a diplomatic facility marks a huge escalation in its attacks on Iranians in the region. Since October 7, Israel has significantly ramped up its airstrikes in Syria and has killed several members of the IRGC, Zahedi being the most senior. …

“Israel appears to be trying to provoke a major regional war in hopes that the U.S. would get directly involved. US officials have acknowledged to the media that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might view a full-blown war in Lebanon as key to his political survival. A regional war would also take attention and scrutiny away from Israel’s genocidal campaign in Gaza.”

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