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* Korea * Is Case Against Syria Falling Apart?


2017_0413por_CHRISTINE HONG, cjhong [at]
Hong is a professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz. See her recent interview “The Overlooked Past Behind U.S.-North Korea Tensions & How South Korea Could Forge Peace” with The Real News.

GARETH PORTER, porter.gareth50 [at]
Independent investigative journalist Porter just wrote the piece “New Revelations Belie Trump Claims on Syria Chemical Attack,” which states: “Two new revelations contradict the Trump administration’s line on the April 4 attack. A former U.S. official knowledgeable about the episode told Truthout that the Russians had actually informed their U.S. counterparts in Syria of the Syrian military’s plan to strike the warehouse in Khan Sheikhoun 24 hours before the strike. And a leading analyst on military technology, Dr. Theodore Postol of MIT, has concluded that the alleged device for a sarin attack could not have been delivered from the air but only from the ground, meaning that the chemical attack may not have been the result of the Syrian airstrike.

“The Trump administration is pushing the accusation that the Assad regime was the force that carried out the highly lethal chemical attack on April 4 very hard, perhaps not so much to justify the already politically popular U.S. strike against the Shayrat airbase on April 6, but rather to buttress a new hardline policy against the Syrian regime.”

Porter’s other recent articles include “The U.S. Provided Cover for the Saudi Starvation Strategy in Yemen.” He wrote the book Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare.